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Looking for Early Signs of Autism

You might notice some unusual color coordination on April 2 nd. Specifically, you may see much more people wearing blue than you might expect and if you’re in the vicinity of various national landmarks or monuments around Las Vegas, you might notice that they have an unusual blue hue. In fact, the entire month of April is National Autism Awareness Month. This designation encourages families to become better informed about the challenges associated with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) and how parents might identify possible signs of autism in their children. Every child develops differently; a doctor at a community hospital such as Southern Hills Hospital will be happy to discuss any concerns you may have.

How does your child communicate?

Autism affects a child’s development, which may include his or her ability to communicate nonverbally and verbally. Some signs of autism can include the impairment of:

  • Understanding body language
  • Understanding tone of voice
  • Understanding nonliteral language (i.e. sarcasm)
  • Understanding facial expressions

Similarly, children with autism may have trouble using those methods of communication. Young children may have delays in babbling and speaking. Older children may acquire impressive vocabularies, but express themselves in an atypical tone of voice or have trouble with the “give and take” of conversations.

How does your child play?

Parents of children with autism often notice that their youngsters interact differently with others. Young children may refuse to make eye contact, prefer to play alone instead of in groups, and drift toward specific types of play. For instance, kids with autism may be more likely to prefer activities that involve movement—either watching it or participating in it. They often avoid pretending play activities.

Does your child have behavioral issues?

Most kids enjoy routines, but children with autism are often known for having significant difficulties with deviations from routines. These deviations may result in meltdowns. Children may also display repetitive motor characteristics like arm flapping and distractions with specific interests like trains or vacuum cleaners.

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