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Spine Injury Prevention for Summer Activities

In sunny Las Vegas, outdoor activities are popular year-round. But if you’re planning a staycation from work or looking forward to summer break from school, you may find yourself heading outdoors more than usual. Sports are a great way to connect with friends, stay fit, and even cool off if you head for the pool. By taking a few precautions, you can reduce the risk of being rushed to the ER at Southern Hills Hospital because of spine injuries. Orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons alike would likely recommend following the basic safety guidelines for your chosen sport, such as using the right protective gear.

How Swimming May Affect the Spine

Did you know that most spinal injuries occur in the cervical and lumbar regions? That’s according to the neurosurgeon interviewed for this featured video. Low-impact exercises like swimming are generally ideal for your spinal joints because of the low risk of wear and tear damage. However, reckless choices near a pool can lead to serious spinal injuries. Diving into the shallow end of a pool can cause spinal injuries, for instance. While responsible adults may be less likely to dive into a shallow pool, judgment can be impaired by the presence of alcohol. It’s highly advisable to avoid consuming alcohol near pools.

What to Consider When Choosing CrossFit

When getting in shape for swimsuit season, many people turn to CrossFit. CrossFit is a popular approach to exercise that involves pushing yourself to the limits. Although CrossFit is known to be a great way to burn calories, it does place demands on the spine because it can involve heavy weightlifting activities, such as the dead lift. If you intend on joining a CrossFit group this summer, consider getting clearance from your doctor first and gradually increase the amount of weight you lift to let your body adjust.

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