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Make a New Year's Resolution to Drive Safer This Year

When most people think about New Year’s resolutions, they think about things like losing weight and exercising more. One important, if often overlooked, resolution that can also have a big impact on your health is driving safer. Safe driving reduces the chances you’ll need emergency care and orthopedic surgery for serious injuries. Commit to being safer on the roads this year with these tips.

Learn Child Seat Safety
In the past, there was one type of car seat that kids used for a few years before they graduated directly to sitting in a regular seat. Now, there are a number of age-appropriate car seats that change as your child grows to give him or her the best possible protection as they grow. Infants and children up to two years of age need a rear-facing car seat, while kids over two can sit in a forward-facing car seat until they are five or have reached the weight limit for the seat. After that, children should sit in a booster seat until the seatbelt fits them correctly.

Talk to Teens About Safe Driving
Teens face tremendous responsibility when they are behind the wheel, and they might not always be ready for the challenge. Talk to your teen about your expectations for safe driving, and set the ground rules for using your car. Limiting the radio and the number of friends in the car can make a big difference in your teen’s ability to focus on the road.

Stay Calm Behind the Wheel
Stress and traffic are a bad combination. When you’re driving, decide to remain alert and level-headed instead of aggressive and frustrated. Not only does aggressive driving and road rage put you at risk of a dangerous confrontation with another driver, but it also makes you drive recklessly and increases your chances of being in an accident.

Whatever healthy living items are on your New Year’s to-do list, Southern Hills Hospital & Medical Center is here to help. Our primary care network of physicians work hand-in-hand with our specialists in emergency care, stroke care, and orthopedics in Las Vegas. Learn more about the scope of our care and get a referral to a physician by calling (702) 880-2700.