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Preventing Fires in the Holiday Season

The holiday season not only brings good cheer but also a unique set of risks that impact your entire family. People seek emergency care more frequently during the holidays for things like injuries, heart attacks, and strokes. Fires are another risk that peaks during the holidays. Protect your family by ensuring your smoke detector is in working condition as the season approaches, and reduce your risk of a fire with this advice.

Keep Trees Watered
Christmas tree fires are especially dangerous. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), an average of one out of every 31 Christmas tree fires cause a death, compared to one per 144 in other home fires. Trees that are dry burn extremely fast, so make sure your tree is well watered or consider an artificial tree that doesn’t run the risk of going dry. Trees should be watered daily.

Monitor Your Candle Usage
The NFPA reports that December is the most common month for home fires started by candles. Use your candles safely by ensuring that they are always on a flat and stable surface, and never leave a burning candle unattended. Children should always be supervised in rooms with candles. Consider switching to battery-operated candles, which can look natural but don’t have the same risks as traditional candles. If you miss the scent of your favorite candle, use potpourri to recreate the aroma while opting for battery-powered candles.

Check Lights and Wires
If you decorate with stringed lights, you have an increased risk of experiencing an electrical fire. Carefully check all lights and wires before hanging them, and don’t use any frayed or exposed wires. When hanging lights outdoors, be sure to select versions that are approved for outdoor use.

If an emergency does occur during the holidays, trust Southern Hills Hospital & Medical Center for the care you need. We provide emergency care in Las Vegas around the clock throughout the holidays, including stroke care, treatment for injuries, and geriatric psych services. Find out more by calling our hospital at (702) 880-2700.