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Blog Posts in July, 2016

Keeping Your Cool When You Exercise This Summer

Physical activity is a cornerstone of good health, boosting mood, activity levels, and general wellness. However, outdoor activities in the hot conditions of the desert climate can physically tax the ...
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Choosing the Right Safety Gear for Summer Activities

Outdoor activities are a popular pastime during the summer, as plentiful sun and warm temperatures create the perfect environment for team sports and outdoor workouts. One of the easiest ways to stay ...
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Protecting Your Eyes from UV Rays

UV radiation consists of high-energy photons, which are produced by the sun and present in the sunlight that reaches the Earth. In addition to damaging the skin through sunburn, UV rays can also cause ...
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Knowing When You Are Dehydrated

Dehydration is a serious condition that can lead to severe medical complications if not addressed promptly. Knowing the signs of dehydration and when emergency care is needed can help you take quick ...
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