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Choosing the Right Safety Gear for Summer Activities

Outdoor activities are a popular pastime during the summer, as plentiful sun and warm temperatures create the perfect environment for team sports and outdoor workouts. One of the easiest ways to stay safe and avoid orthopedic injuries during summertime activities is wearing safety gear, which can both reduce your risk of trips or falls and minimize damage if an accident occurs. Thus, choosing the right safety gear for your planned activity is a positive step towards a healthier, more enjoyable summer.

Focus on Footwear

Regardless of the sport or activity, you’re planning, footwear can be one of the most important pieces of safety gear you’ll wear. Properly-fitted athletic shoes can improve traction, reduce falls, and provide support for the joints and muscles as the body moves to prevent orthopedic pain and injuries. In addition to ensuring your footwear is the right size, also check over shoes before each game or workout session to identify signs of wear or damage. Rather than trying to make shoes last to save money, replace your shoes regularly to prevent injuries and improve safety.

Get Your Own Gear

There is no substitute for bringing your own safety gear to the playing field. Avoid borrowing gear from a friend or other individual, as this gear may not be in good condition and isn’t likely to fit properly. If you plan to pursue a sport for any period of time, invest in your own high-quality gear that fits and meets your specific safety needs. Keep your gear clean and check its condition regularly, and take action when cleaning, repair, or replacement is needed.

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