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Breaking Through Misconceptions About Colon Cancer

As with many medical procedures and conditions, from stroke care to orthopedic surgery, colon cancer is something people are familiar with but may misunderstand. Don’t let these misconceptions about colon cancer put your health on the line. Instead, educate yourself with the facts to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Myth: Only People with Symptoms Need to Be Screened

Some people believe that they only need to consider colon cancer screenings if they have symptoms of a problem. As Dr. Roger Hsiung of Southern Hills Hospital & Medical Center explains in this video, colon cancer is frequently asymptomatic, especially in its early stages. By the time people experience colon cancer symptoms, the disease could have progressed considerably and may have spread outside of the colon. For this reason, everyone should have regular colon cancer screenings at intervals recommended by his or her doctor.

Myth: Colon Cancer Is Not Preventable

Colon cancer is actually one of the few cancers that actually can be prevented in many cases. The vast majority of cases begin with the growth of a precancerous polyp. When a polyp is found during a colon cancer screening, such as colonoscopy, it can be removed so that the cancer is prevented. You can also lower your risk of developing colon cancer by eating a diet that is rich in fiber, fruits, and vegetables and by getting physical activity every day.

Myth: Only Men Need to Worry About Colon Cancer

Women and men get colon cancer at nearly the same rate, with men only slightly more likely to develop it. Both genders need to take their risks of colon cancer seriously. Age is the most important indicator of colon cancer risk. Most cases occur in people over 50, though those with a family history of the disease may have an increased risk of developing it at a younger age.

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