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Don't Get Injured by Your Summer Shoes

Of all of the things that could cause you to need emergency care or a visit to the orthopedic surgeon, you may not put your summer shoes high on the list. In reality, summer footwear is notorious for causing injuries that can leave people in chronic pain. Keep your feet safe from injury this summer with this advice.

Tennis Shoes

Many people use summer as an opportunity to get back into their favorite outdoor activities. Often, this involves reaching into the back of the closet and shaking the cobwebs off your old tennis shoes. Although you don’t need new shoes every summer, if you haven’t updated your pair within the last few years, you could be risking injury. Shoes get worn out over time and may no longer provide an adequate level of support. This can lead to overuse injuries that can not only leave you sidelined from your favorite activities but can also cause damage to your feet and ankles that could require treatment by an orthopedic surgeon.


Most orthopedic surgeons advise against wearing flip-flops, no matter how friendly they are to summer temperatures. Flip-flops are too flat to provide any real protection for your feet. Because there are no heels on flip-flops, many people unconsciously scrunch their toes to try to hold the shoes in place. This leads to muscle imbalances that can cause prolonged periods of pain.

Platform Sandals

Sandals with platform or high heels are especially dangerous for feet. They lack proper support and can push your feet into unnatural positions. The heights of the heels leave you vulnerable to falls and ankle twists, and because they frequently have open backs, they can cause the same kind of muscle imbalances as flip-flops.

If you’re experiencing chronic joint pain, make an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon in Las Vegas at Southern Hills Hospital & Medical Center, or seek emergency care for an acute injury in our ER. You can request a referral to an orthopedic surgeon today by calling (702) 880-2700.