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What to Know About Your Neighborhood ER Staff

When you seek emergency care, who will be in charge of your treatment? Several staff members work together to ensure that every patient gets the interventions they need in the ER, from stroke care to stitches. Here are some of the people you can expect to encounter when you get emergency care.

Triage Nurse

After a receptionist in the ER takes your personal information, the first member of the medical staff you will encounter is usually a triage nurse. Triage nurses are responsible for collecting information about patients’ symptoms and making a decision about the urgency of their needs. Under this system, patients who are experiencing life-threatening emergencies, like strokes or heart attacks, get treated before people with less serious conditions. Triage nurses also take your vitals and begin a medical record for your visit that other providers will add to as you proceed through the ER.

Primary Nurse

When you are moved to a treatment room, the primary nurse is the next provider you will meet. In the ER, primary nurses are trained to respond a wide range of medical complaints and react quickly to begin treatment for life-threatening conditions. Additionally, primary nurses typically answer the questions families have when loved ones are receiving emergency care and arrange for patients to admitted for inpatient care when necessary. These nurses are assisted by other nurses in the ER who provide supportive care and assist the primary nurses managing patient cases.


ER physicians are specially trained in providing critical care for a number of different conditions. They evaluate symptoms and either direct treatments to begin or order additional lab tests or diagnostic imaging to make a diagnosis. When necessary, the attending ER physician may refer patients to specialists for advanced care, such as cardiologists or neurologists.

The ER at Southern Hills Hospital and Medical Center provides life-saving care 24 hours a day with highly trained staff, including specialists, on hand around the clock. We are also pleased to bring emergency care in Las Vegas to more residents with our ER at The Lakes facility, set to open in the third quarter of 2016. Speak to one of our nurses or learn more about emergency care by calling (702) 880-2700.