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Raising Your Awareness of the Myths and Facts of Stroke

Stroke is a major cause of death and disability, which is why stroke awareness is crucial for everyone. For this reason, the American Stroke Association seeks to spread actionable information about the signs of stroke and the appropriate responses during May, which is American Stroke Month. Here at Southern Hills Hospital, our emergency care team urges our neighbors throughout Las Vegas to become better informed about what to do in the event of a possible stroke. If stroke does affect you or a family member, our hospital is a Joint Commission-Certified Primary Stroke Center that can provide specialized stroke care.

Myth: Stroke Primarily Affects Seniors

It is true that as you grow older, your risk of stroke may increase. However, younger patients can also suffer from a stroke. According to the National Stroke Association, about a quarter of all strokes occur in patients younger than 65 years of age. One in every 10 strokes affects patients ages 45 and younger.

Myth: Stroke Always Eliminates All Functional Abilities

It’s common knowledge that stroke survivors can suffer from a significant functional impairment. But did you know that the type and degree of impairment can vary considerably? Not all stroke survivors are completely dependent on others for care for the rest of their lives. With rapid stroke care and intensive rehabilitation services, patients can often regain some of their independence.

Myth: All Cases of Stroke Are Basically the Same

You probably already know that stroke affects the brain. But did you know that there are different types of stroke? Any type of stroke requires emergency care. When a stroke patient arrives at the emergency care department, the stroke team will assess the type of stroke. Stroke is commonly categorized according to whether it is ischemic, hemorrhagic, or a transient ischemic attack (TIA). But it may also be categorized according to which specific area it affects, such as brainstem, cerebellar, right-side, or left-side stroke.

When every second counts, you can trust Southern Hills Hospital to deliver specialized care. Our emergency care team is available around the clock to respond immediately to possible stroke patients. If you think you could be having a stroke, call 911 now. Otherwise, you can call a registered nurse at our hospital in Las Vegas at (702) 880-2700 to get more information about stroke care.