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Your Guide to Healthier Holidays

Holiday weight gain, stress, and lapses in fitness are common problems, but they certainly aren’t inevitable. Using a few simple strategies can help you maintain your wellness while still enjoying your family’s holiday traditions. If your family in Las Vegas requires emergency care or other hospital services during the holidays, Southern Hills Hospital is always available.

Proactively Manage Your Stress
Preparing for family get-togethers, shopping for gifts, and doing other holiday chores can spike your stress hormone levels. If you’ve had trouble with excessive stress during past holiday seasons, try a proactive approach this year. Getting organized can help curb your stressors. Make a list of everything that must be accomplished by certain dates and then create a week-by-week to-do list. Develop a healthier stress response by experimenting with various relaxation strategies like deep breathing or giving yourself a brief time-out in a quiet room. Many stressed out people find that comedy can shake the holiday blues. When you sense yourself becoming overly stressed, repeat a comedic or nonsensical mantra to yourself that serves as a reminder to relax.

Set Training Goals
Embrace exercise for its positive benefits, rather than looking at it as a self-inflicted punishment for drinking too much eggnog. One way to motivate yourself to exercise regularly is to sign up for a competitive event such as a 5k race. Every time you go out for a jog, visualize yourself crossing the finish line and beating your own personal record.

Find a “Buffet Buddy”
Did you know that people who dine with health-conscious individuals may be more likely to make smarter food choices? Before you go to an office potluck or family gathering, enlist the help of a buffet buddy. The two of you can agree to stick close to each other and encourage each other to make healthy food and beverage selections.

Southern Hills Hospital is your family’s source for high-quality health care this holiday season. From emergency care to geriatric psychiatry to cardiac care, our community hospital in Las Vegas is always available to meet the medical needs of our valued neighbors. Call (702) 880-2700 if you have a general question about our hospital services.