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Blog Posts in September, 2016

Possible Causes for Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

Heavy menstrual bleeding, or menorrhagia, is more than an inconvenience. It can be significantly disruptive to a woman’s life and may indicate a serious medical condition. As a Southern Hills ...
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What Do Neonatal Nurses Do?

Neonatal nurses are the backbone of critical care for newborns. They play an essential role in the maternity hospital at Southern Hills Hospital & Medical Center and in the ER when infants need ...
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Preventing Prostate Cancer

Although treatments for prostate cancer have improved dramatically and are very effective, especially when the disease is caught in early stages, prevention is still the goal. Although it is not ...
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Sports Injuries: What Every Athlete Should Know

In addition to reaping the rewards of being active, something every athlete also has to be aware of is the risk of injury. Fortunately, there are things that all athletes, from weekend warriors to the ...
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