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Sports Injuries: What Every Athlete Should Know

In addition to reaping the rewards of being active, something every athlete also has to be aware of is the risk of injury. Fortunately, there are things that all athletes, from weekend warriors to the pros, can do to stay safe while competing and prevent their games from ending in the need for emergency care. Make sure you don’t have to watch the action from the bench by following this advice.

Make Conditioning a Priority

One of the most dangerous things an athlete can do is enter a game without being in the proper condition. Between practices and competitions, make sure you maintain your physical fitness with additional workouts, including aerobic workouts and strength training. Without proper conditioning, you run the risk of becoming injured because of muscle stiffness and poor form caused by fatigue.

Wear Safety Gear as a Rule

Safety equipment can dramatically reduce the risk of sports injuries. Don’t enter the game without wearing the appropriate safety gear for your sport as well as any additional protective equipment you need, such as a back brace. It is also important to ensure that the safety equipment that you’re wearing fits you properly. Poorly fitted gear doesn’t offer any protection and could actually contribute to injuries. Don’t overlook the importance of mouth guards with your other safety equipment, as oral injuries can result in the need for emergency care.

Listen to Your Body

Sports injuries often start out small and are exacerbated when athletes try to play through the pain. Usually, the best way to get back into the game as fast as possible to leave it when you feel pain. Resting when you need to lets minor injuries heal without the need for invasive procedures and length recoveries, in many cases.

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