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What Do Neonatal Nurses Do?

Neonatal nurses are the backbone of critical care for newborns. They play an essential role in the maternity hospital at Southern Hills Hospital & Medical Center and in the ER when infants need emergency care. In honor of Neonatal Nurses Day on September 15, take a moment to learn about the jobs of these crucial healthcare providers.

What Is Neonatal Nursing?

Neonatal nursing is a type of specialty field within nursing. These nurses have special training in treating newborn infants and babies up to one month of age, although some neonatal nurses provide care after that age window for conditions that occurred within the neonatal period. They have specialized training to deal with patients in this age group beyond their general nursing education.

What Types of Conditions Do Neonatal Nurses Treat?

Neonatal nurses assist doctors in providing care to infants who develop a range of serious health conditions, from birth injuries to low birth weight, birth defects, cardiac problems, and surgical complications. Often, they work in the maternity units of hospitals and begin assisting with care as soon as a newborn presents health problems. If an infant needs intensive care, neonatal nurses in the NICU—the neonatal intensive care unit—are involved in the care. In other cases, neonatal nurses may assist with caring for infants who come to the hospital for emergency care. Because many conditions that occur immediately after birth persist, some neonatal nurses may be involved with a baby’s care for longer than the strictly neonatal period.

The neonatal nurses are essential members of our team at Southern Hills Hospital & Medical Center. They provide compassionate care to newborns and their families during particularly stressful medical crises with the smallest possible patients. Our neonatal team is one of the reasons so many families choose our maternity hospital in Las Vegas when they are ready to welcome a new member into the world. You can find out more about our maternity services and request a referral to one of our family care specialists by calling (702) 880-2700.