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How Do Emergency Medical Services Go Hand-in-Hand with Your Local ER?

Whenever anyone dials 911, the first people on the scene are the emergency medical services, or EMS, team. EMS providers give emergency care before you even get to your local hospital, and they work closely with the staff of the ER to ensure that you get the highest level of care as quickly as possible in an emergency situation. If you or someone you love has ever been taken to the hospital by ambulance, then you know how important EMS teams are to medical care. Here is a closer look how the EMS team and ER providers work together.

First-Response Care
When EMS teams arrive on the scene of a medical emergency, they are the first ones to assess the patient and provide care. The interventions performed by the EMS team can often be life-saving and may allow the patient to make it to the hospital to receive further emergency care. During the time the EMS team is giving care on the scene and in the ambulance, they can communicate with the ER physicians as needed to make decisions about the kinds of treatments they should provide.

Advance Notice
EMS staff can give the ER providers information about the condition of the patient they are transporting to the hospital, so that they can get set up to give care right away. In instances in which providing emergency care as soon as possible is critical, such as during a heart attack or stroke, this advance notice can save valuable time that would otherwise be spent setting up and making arrangements for tests and medications when the patient is already on site, further delaying his or her care.

Vital Signs Information
In the ambulance, EMS providers can monitor the vital signs of patients and give that information to the ER physicians to help them make care decisions. They can also place IV lines that can be used to deliver medication quickly. These time-saving measures can also improve emergency care outcomes.

The ER staff at Southern Hills Hospital & Medical Center works closely with our local EMS providers to ensure that our patients get the best possible emergency care in Las Vegas. To find out more about our hospital or to request a referral to one of our physicians, please call (702) 880-2700.