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Preventing Complications After Spine Surgery

Before you have spine surgery, your orthopedic surgeon will review your recovery plan with you. The aim of the recovery plan will be to assist you in getting back to your normal activities as soon as possible and help you avoid complications. During your spinal surgery recovery, keep these tips in mind to reduce the risk of post-surgical complications that could harm your health and delay your recovery.

Get Moving
Many people are surprised by how soon their orthopedic surgeon wants them to get out of bed and walk, but moving around has a number of benefits during your spinal surgery recovery. When you walk, you build up strength in muscles that may have gotten weaker because of the pain you were experiencing before surgery. It also helps to get your blood pumping, which not only speeds healing nutrients to the surgical site but also reduces the risk of blood clots. Blood clots, including dangerous deep vein thrombosis clots, are a significant risk after surgery when many people spend an extended period of time immobile.

Look to Your Lungs
Respiratory infections are another risk after spine surgery. General anesthesia and pain medications can interfere with your ability to breathe normally, which can starve your blood of oxygen and interfere with your recovery. After surgery, your orthopedic surgeon may give you a spirometer to measure how you are breathing and help you monitor if your breathing is improving. The recovery team may also ask you to perform certain exercises, and they may prescribe medications if you have an infection.

Know When to Call
Be alert to the signs of post-surgical complications so you can call your orthopedic surgeon if you see them. As PA Carey Seip explains in this video, call your doctor if your wound becomes red, hot, swollen, or develops drainage. You should also call if you experience a fever, have trouble breathing, or have chest pain. Catching an infection in its early stages after surgery is important to avoiding worse complications.

Your orthopedic surgeon in Las Vegas at Southern Hills Hospital & Medical Center will help you prepare for spine surgery and will supervise your recovery to ensure that your procedure is a success. For a referral to one of our surgeons , please call (702) 880-2700.