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Blog Posts in March, 2017

What to Do When Waiting on EMS

When you dial 911 for emergency care, the actions you take while you are waiting can have a significant impact on whether the condition progresses as well as the kind of care that will be necessary ...
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Tips for Identifying Skin Rashes

Skin rashes are usually thought of as an annoyance rather than a serious medical condition, but in some cases, they could indicate a problem that requires emergency care. Although the only way to know ...
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Learn to Be Safer Around Dogs

Dogs are a big part of life for many families, and even people who don’t share their home with a dog still love to interact with them. Although dogs are generally loving companions, if you ...
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What Surgeries Can Be Performed Robotically?

Robotic surgery has a number of different applications across multiple disciplines. In each instance, it makes surgery less invasive and recovery times shorter, thanks to less blood loss and tissue ...
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Do Stroke Symptoms Differ for Women?

It is known that women experience heart attacks differently than men, but does the same hold true for strokes ? Because getting emergency care quickly is essential for minimizing the loss of brain ...
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Exploring the Subtler Signs of Heart Attacks

Most people envision heart attacks as unmistakable emergencies that occur with intense chest pain. In reality, a heart attack can be much more subtle, and failing to recognize the symptoms could cause ...
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How Menopause Increases a Woman's Risk of Heart Disease

Heart disease isn’t just a man’s problem. Women also face an increased risk as they age, particularly after menopause. By becoming aware of the increased chance of developing heart disease ...
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Where Can Fibroids Grow in the Body?

Fibroids are abnormal growths that occur in the female reproductive system. Left untreated, they can cause pain, abnormal bleeding, and fertility issues. If you suspect you have fibroids, see your ...
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