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Exploring the Subtler Signs of Heart Attacks

Most people envision heart attacks as unmistakable emergencies that occur with intense chest pain. In reality, a heart attack can be much more subtle, and failing to recognize the symptoms could cause some people to delay seeking necessary emergency care. Learning the subtler symptoms of a heart attack could save your life or the life of someone you love. Commit these symptoms to memory and seek emergency care if they occur.

Extreme Fatigue
Many people feel exhausted most of the time, but when a heart problem is developing, the fatigue can become extreme. If you experience a dramatic increase in the amount of fatigue you are feeling, then consider seeing your doctor or going to the hospital. Look for signs like feeling fatigued even when you aren’t being active and getting exhausted after doing everyday activities, like making your bed. Note that many people who experience fatigue before a heart attack may also experience sleep disturbances and struggle to rest even when they are exhausted.

Shortness of Breath
Shortness of breath is never normal and should always be evaluated by a doctor. In some cases, becoming short of breath, especially when you lay down, could indicate a problem with your heart. If you suddenly become short of breath without being active or notice a marked decline in your exercise tolerance, consider seeing your doctor. Before a heart attack, many people also report sweating and feeling clammy for no reason.

Neck, Jaw, and Back Pain
Chest pain isn’t always the first kind of pain that occurs with a heart attack. In fact, some people, especially women, have heart attacks without experiencing chest pain at all. For these people, neck, jaw, and back pain may indicate a heart problem. If you have discomfort in these areas that gets worse when you are active and eases up while you rest, consider making an appointment with your doctor.

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