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Special thanks goes to Faiss Middle School Orchestra Director Dave Heyman and his students. Great job!


Southern Hills Hospital was honored to host Faiss Middle School orchestra students today in its Main Lobby for a special holiday performance. Ten orchestra students committed their time during their Winter Break to help spread cheer at our hospital. The group consisted of violins, violas, and a cello.


Newborn Screening

Expectant mothers undergo a number of tests during their pregnancy to identify any complications that may interfere with their health or the health of their baby. Once the baby is born, the hospital will conduct a newborn screening test, which will also help ensure the overall health of your baby.

In this video, provides information regarding newborn screening tests. The newborn screening test is the first examination that a baby undergoes following birth. Taken within the first few days of life, newborn screening tests are performed by drawing blood from the baby’s heel. The screening test checks for signs of serious health problems before symptoms are present. Learn more about the benefits of newborn screening tests in this full clip.

Whether you are interested in locating a maternity hospital or newborn testing services, Southern Hills Hospital & Medical Center is here to help. Contact us at (702) 880-2100 to set up a prenatal visit or take a tour of our birthing facility.

What Walking to School Can Do for the Health of Both You and Your Child

Children's Healthcare

Walking is a great way to improve overall health and boost your cardiovascular system. Studies show that lack of physical activity is a major risk factor for chronic illness in both children and adults. Physically inactive children are at greater risk to grow up to be physically inactive adults, increasing the chances that they will develop health problems such as obesity, diabetes, and other related illnesses.

According to the National Longitudinal Study of Youth, obesity rates among children have nearly doubled in the past 20 years. This can be attributed to a number of factors, but is primarily caused by a sedentary lifestyle. Studies show that only one-fourth of Americans get the 30 minutes of recommended daily exercise, causing the obesity rates to skyrocket among children and teens. For this reason, healthcare professionals are striving to motivate children to integrate exercise into their daily routine by promoting walking and bicycling to school.

Walking has also been shown to provide a number of health benefits in addition to reducing the risk of obesity. Some of the long-term benefits of walking include lowering blood pressure, improving one’s cholesterol levels, reducing the risk of osteoporosis, and even lowering the risk of certain types of cancers. Walking to school is not only beneficial to children, but also provides benefits to parents who walk or bike to school with their children.

Here at the Southern Hills Hospital and Medical Center in Las Vegas, we believe that regular exercise is an important part of maintaining your health, regardless of your age. For more information on the benefits of exercise or safe walking tips, visit our website or contact us at (702) 880-2100.

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