• Stroke Prevention

    Stroke Prevention

    A stroke, also commonly called a “brain attack,” is a deadly medical event caused by the interruption of blood flow to an area of the brain. Without its normal supply of oxygen, the brain cells become starved of nutrients and can die within minutes. Patients experiencing stroke symptoms who do not seek immediate stroke care can suffer permanent long-term disability and even death. Even men and women at an increased risk, however, can take steps to prevent a stroke. 

    Southern Hills Hospital & Medical Center is proud to offer the community of Las Vegas and the surrounding areas state-of-the-art neurosciences care close to home. Our program specializes in minimally invasive surgical techniques, advanced craniotomy procedures, and the highest quality of stroke care provided by our Joint Commission Certified Stroke Center.

    To reduce your risk of a stroke and improve your overall health, consider taking the following steps:

    • Exercise more
      If you don’t exercise already, then start. Fitting regular physical activity into your daily routine will not only help to improve your mood and cardiovascular health, but can also help to manage many of the risk factors for stroke, including obesity and high blood pressure.
    • Eat a diet low in fat and sodium
      Diets rich in saturated and trans fats contribute to the development of fatty plaques in the arteries and can increase your risk of a stroke. Diets high in sodium can increase your blood pressure and therefore your risk of a hemorrhagic stroke.Do your body a favor and focus on eating higher volumes of leafy greens, fruits, fish, and whole grains instead of fatty, processed food items.
    • Speak with your doctor about chronic medical conditions
      Chronic diseases, such as high cholesterol and diabetes, can increase your risk of a stroke when not managed carefully. Your doctor can help you better manage your condition and may prescribe medications to keep cholesterol and blood sugar levels under control.

    If you are ever in need of emergency stroke care, you can trust that the experts at Southern Hills Hospital & Medical Center will work to evaluate, diagnose, and treat your symptoms as quickly as possible. Learn more about our neurosciences program by calling (702) 880-2100 today.

  • Skin Cancer: Amanda

    According to the American Cancer Society , melanoma accounts for almost 9,000 of the nearly 12,000 skin cancer deaths that occur each year in the United States. Although the condition can be the result of hereditary factors, it is generally caused by overexposure to harmful ultraviolet rays from sunlight or tanning booths. By watching this video, you can learn more about one woman’s experience with skin cancer and how it has changed her life forever.

    Even if you may enjoy the look of a new tan, you should seriously consider protecting your skin from the risk of sun cancer. For more information about covering up and avoiding UV rays during the day, contact Southern Hills Hospital & Medical Center at (702) 880-2100. Our staff is always available to answer your health-related questions.

  • What is Alzheimer

    Alzheimer's Disease

    Alzheimer’s disease is a form of progressive dementia that results in the destruction of brain cells over time. Although the cause of this disease is not known, medical scientists believe that deposits of beta amyloid plaques and the presence neurofibrillary tangles lead to Alzheimer’s symptoms. In the beginning, the signs of this disease are typically limited to mild memory lapses. At Southern Hills Hospital, we feel privileged to offer the older adults in our community the services of our RISE Behavioral Health Center. Introduced earlier this year, the RISE program focuses on effectively managing and treating the mental health needs of residents in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas. Read on to learn about the variety of symptoms patients can experience as dementia progresses.

    • Difficulty remembering the locations of familiar places, the names of friends and loved ones, how to perform simple tasks, the time of day, or how to do simple arithmetic
    • Difficulty concentrating on a single task for extended periods of time or problems completing spoken sentences due to forgotten words
    • Getting lost in familiar places or having trouble finding his or her way in a place he or she has lived for a long period of time
    • Experiencing dramatic mood swings , becoming abnormally withdrawn, or having changes in personality
    • Losing coordination , balance, or mobility

    Unfortunately, there is no known cure for Alzheimer’s disease. There are, however, various FDA-approved medications that are used to slow the progression of the disease or manage the symptoms. Patients with Alzheimer’s disease must often modify their lifestyle to ensure optimal quality of life and safety. Light exercise, family support, and a calm environment can all help to manage the disease and promote overall health and wellness.

    At Southern Hills Hospital, our specialists are trained to provide assistance and support for those with anxiety disorders, psychoses, depression, dementia, and more. Contact our staff today at (702) 880-2100 for more information about RISE .

  • Southern Hills Hospital Introduces Single Balloon Enteroscopy – Less Invasive Gastrointestinal Procedure


    First and Only Hospital to Offer Procedure in Southern Nevada

    LAS VEGAS – Southern Hills Hospital is proud to offer its newest service – Single Balloon Enteroscopy, a minimally invasive procedure that uses a longer scope for gastrointestinal (GI) procedures allowing physicians to further reach the small intestine, diagnose and treat patients immediately. The procedure enhances the patient’s care with less recovery time, enabling physicians to identify issues faster than before. Southern Hills Hospital is the first and only hospital to offer the procedure in Southern Nevada.

    “We are excited to provide Single Balloon Enteroscopy to our patients,” said Kimball Anderson, CEO of Southern Hills Hospital & Medical Center. “We started seeing a pattern of endoscopy patients that could benefit from this new procedure, and now, we’re able to deliver those benefits to future patients.”

    Single Balloon Enterscopy uses a hose-like scope that includes a balloon on the tip of the scope, which inflates as an anchor allowing the scope to delve further in the small intestine. Prior to Single Balloon Enteroscopy, physicians were limited by the reach of a shorter scope and would essentially need to perform a second scoping procedure to diagnose issues. With Single Balloon Enteroscopy, physicians can enter the GI tract once, and immediately reach the area in question.

    To learn more about the hospital and its services, visit SouthernHillsHospital.com .

    About Southern Hills Hospital:

    Recognized by The Joint Commission as a “Top Performer on Key Quality Measures” (one of only 405 hospitals in the nation with this designation), a “Best Hospital” runner-up in the Best of Las Vegas Readers’ Poll and awarded an ‘A’ grade on patient safety by Hospital Safety Score, Southern Hills Hospital provides the communities of southwest Las Vegas with emergency and pediatric emergency services, a new behavioral health unit for ages 55 and older, an accredited Chest Pain Center, a Certified Primary Stroke Center, OB-GYN, diagnostic imaging and surgical services. Utilizing advanced digital technology and an accomplished medical staff, Southern Hills Hospital’s advanced care and superior service make for better outcomes and an exceptional patient experience. Southern Hills Hospital is the first institution in the state of Nevada to be recognized by the American Heart Association as a leading hospital in cardiology through their compliance with the “Get with the Guidelines – Heart Failure” program.  In addition, Southern Hills Hospital is a home to award-winning spine physicians from the Nevada Neurosciences Institute.  The hospital is also a member of the respected Sunrise Health System consisting of Sunrise Hospital, Sunrise Children’s Hospital, MountainView Hospital and several surgery and diagnostic imaging centers offering a complete range of specialized and technologically advanced services. 

    Southern Hills Hospital
    9300 W. Sunset Rd.
    Las Vegas, NV 89148

    Talk to a registered nurse 24/7 to find a physician or get answers to your health questions through our free Consult-A-Nurse line at 702.880.2700. 

  • Differences Between Mental Health Practitioners

    Mental Health Counselor

    When looking to achieve optimal health and wellness, taking good care of your psychological health is just as important as diet, exercise, and managing weight.

    If you or a loved one is struggling to reduce stress, maintain a positive attitude, or approach life with self-confidence, seeing a mental health specialist can help to promote psychological health and overall well-being. Southern Hills Hospital is proud to provide its newest service to the community: RISE (Respect, Inspire, Strengthen, Empower) Behavioral Health. Our Behavioral Health Department provides assessment for seniors with behavioral health concerns and those with co-occurring medical issues. Read on to learn more about some of the main types of practitioners that may be able to assist you.

    • Psychiatrist
      Medical doctors (MD) that undergo specialized training in the diagnosis and treatment of mental health conditions. These professionals are the only mental health practitioners that are able to prescribe medications in the treatment of mental illness. Many psychiatrists receive extra training to specialize in pediatric psychiatry, forensic psychiatry, or psychoanalysis.
    • Psychologist
      Psychologists may work in a variety of settings and are able to assess and counsel patients who are in need of their services. These professionals have a doctorate (PhD) in psychology and, depending on their specific area of interest, may help to counsel families, couples, patients with eating disorders, or those suffering from serious mental illnesses.
    • Mental health counselor
      Mental health counselors can provide psychotherapy in either an individual or group setting. They can work in many different settings and possess a master’s degree in clinical or counseling psychology.
    • Clinical social worker
      These mental health practitioners provide patients undergoing traumatic life events with psychotherapy and access to community care. Most clinical social workers have an advanced degree in social work and can practice in public or private agencies.
    • Alcohol and drug abuse counselor
      Alcohol and drug abuse counselors are specially trained to diagnose and assist patients with addiction problems. These professionals often have specialized mental health training in addition to a bachelor’s degree and supervised clinical experience.

    The mental health practitioners and other medical specialists at Southern Hills Hospital & Medical Center are dedicated to promoting the continued wellness of the residents of Las Vegas and the surrounding communities. Contact our Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral line today at (702) 880-2100 to schedule a consultation with an experienced mental health practitioner near you. For more information about our Behavioral Health Department RISE, families are encouraged to contact 702-880-2415.

  • What is Diabetes?

    Diabetes mellitus is a condition that affects how much insulin is made or used by the body. Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas that allows the sugar from our food to enter the cells and be used for energy. Without this vital hormone, sugar is unable to enter the cells and remains in the blood stream, resulting in hyperglycemia. This video is a brief introduction to the basics of diabetes and how this condition can affect your health. Watch the complete clip to learn more.

    When not managed properly, diabetes can cause damage to almost every organ and tissue in the body. If you have recently been diagnosed with diabetes, call the Southern Hills Hospital & Medical Center Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral line at (702) 880-2100 today. Our nurses can help you to find an experienced and compassionate diabetes specialist near you.