Learn More About Promoting Overall Health From These Helpful Resources

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Are you still looking for more ways to improve your mental and physical health? Read through these articles or contact Southern Hills Hospital & Medical Center at (702) 880-2100 for more information.

  • Are you at risk for developing skin cancer ? Find out by reading through this article on the American Cancer Society website.
  • Visit the American Academy of Dermatology for more information about what you should be looking for during a skin self-exam.
  • Deliberate sun tanning , outside or in a tanning bed, can significantly increase your risk of developing skin cancer. Check out this article from the Skin Cancer Foundation to find out more about the importance of sun protection.
  • Even if you are at a higher risk for a stroke, there are things that you can do that help to prevent a stroke. Read this article from the National Stroke Association for more information.
  • Participating in regular physical activity will improve your mental and physical fitness. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention go into more detail about the benefits of exercise on their website.
  • Alzheimer’s disease is the leading cause of dementia in the United States. Read more about this progressive disease on MentalHealthAmerica.net.
  • You can learn about the 10 signs of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease on the Alzheimer’s Association website.
  • Do you still have questions about the effects of Alzheimer’s? This article from the National Institutes of Health answers many frequently asked questions about the disease.
  • Visit the American Psychological Association to find out more about a variety of mental disorders and psychological health issues.
  • Mental illnesses are serious conditions that require professional care and support. The articles found on the American Psychiatric Association website provide more information about many common mental illnesses.

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