• NICU at Southern Hills Hospital

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    After months of excited anticipation, your baby has arrived. While a joyous occasion, certain circumstances may demand that your newborn receives specialized care. Southern Hills Hospital & Medical Center makes it a priority to provide the highest level of care possible for our littlest and most delicate patients. Our maternity hospital houses a level II newborn intensive care unit for Las Vegas area families. The following information can help new parents better understand how our NICU can help their babies.

    What is NICU?
    Newborn intensive care unit , or NICU, is a department dedicated to the treatment of newborns with certain needs. Unlike a customary maternity ward, a NICU comes with special equipment and an expert staff that understands how to care for newborns with potentially life-threatening conditions.

    Why are some newborns placed in NICU?
    Having a baby before she is full-term is a common reason why your newborn might be put into a NICU. Newborns born full-term may demand special care as well. Babies with congenital issues frequently require placement in NICU. Conditions such as tachycardia, bradycardia, and ABO incompatibility may also lead to an NICU stay.

    How can parents be involved with their newborn’s care?
    Being told that your newborn requires intensive care can be an unsettling circumstance for parents. Southern Hills Hospital & Medical Center understands the anxiety and confusion that often develops in parents when their babies go into NICU. That’s why we encourage all parents to be an integral part of their newborn’s care. We urge parents to discuss all questions and concerns they may have with our physicians and nurses so they can understand the treatment provided to their children. We also offer flexible visitation hours and comfortable surroundings so parents can be with their newborns as much as possible.

    Southern Hills Hospital & Medical Center wants you to feel confident about your newborn’s treatment at our NICU. If you have questions pertaining to any part of your baby’s care, call our Las Vegas maternity hospital at (702) 880-2100. Families may also take advantage of our Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral system to learn more about the condition for which their newborns are receiving care.

  • Mammograms Matter

    A mammogram is a simple procedure that could save your life. This video explains the importance of receiving annual mammograms.

    Breast cancer is a concern that all women face. Even if you have no family history of the disease, you may still be at risk. That’s why healthcare professionals urge all women above 40 to undergo a mammogram screening every year. Given how quickly abnormal cells can grow, it’s essential to keep your appointments, as a negative test one year can become positive the next. If you do not have medical insurance that covers the cost of mammograms, you’ll be glad to know that many hospitals provide affordable screenings.

    Are you due for your mammogram? Southern Hills Hospital & Medical Center offers digital screenings for patients. For more information, call our Las Vegas hospital at (702) 880-2100.

  • Should You Be Screened for Prostate Cancer?

    Though prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men, the medical community does not necessarily recommend regular screenings for it. This video explains the position of the American Cancer Society on prostate cancer.

    Prostate cancer can grow so slowly that treatment for it may pose greater risks to patients than the disease itself. That’s why the American Cancer Society does not recommend regular screenings for prostate cancer, with some exceptions. African-American men suffer from a high rate of prostate cancer, and may want to consult their physician about screenings. Men with a family history of the disease may also want to undergo preventative screenings.

    Southern Hills Hospital & Medical Center offers prostate cancer screenings for men in the greater Las Vegas area. To speak with a physician about your prostate cancer risks, call (702) 880-2100.

  • What Are the Treatment Options for Prostate Cancer?

    Portrait of mid-aged man

    A prostate cancer diagnosis can leave a person wondering what to do next. Southern Hills Hospital & Medical Center wants our patients to know that several cancer care options can maximize their chances for a healthy future. The key to pursuing a successful course of action is discussing your choices with a physician.

    da Vinci Prostatectomy
    Fast-growing prostate cancer may require the entire removal of the prostate gland . In the past, this procedure raised the risk of both urinary and erectile complications. With the da Vinci robotic surgery system, the chances of these postoperative complications are significantly reduced. The ability of this surgical system to remove the prostate gland with minute incisions and minimal disturbance to nearby structures and nerves allows cancer care experts to provide an unparalleled level of treatment to prostate cancer patients.

    Radiation Therapy
    In some cases, no invasive measures are needed to address prostate cancer. Depending on the location, size, and rate of growth of the cancer, doctors may recommend that patients undergo radiation therapy. Recent technological advances allow healthcare providers to administer radiation energy directly to the cancer site with little to no trauma to surrounding healthy tissues.

    Physician Observation
    What many prostate cancer patients may not realize is that sometimes the best treatment plan is no treatment at all. Some kinds of prostate cancer grow at extremely slow rates. Under some circumstances, the presence of prostate cancer may present no long-lasting risk to a patient’s overall health. In such cases, physician observation may be the ideal course of action. Before proceeding with this care option, patients should have a thorough discussion with their physician about what type of prostate cancer they have and why observation is the preferable method of treatment.

    Knowing your cancer care options is key to successfully managing and treating prostate cancer. Southern Hills Hospital & Medical Center in Las Vegas would be happy to speak with any prostate cancer patient who wants to know more about his care choices. For more information on our prostate cancer treatment procedures, call (702) 880-2100.

  • Men’s Health Month: Tips to Help You or the Man in Your Life Stay Healthy for Life

    Doctor drawing heart symbol

    It’s natural to want your loved ones to be happy and healthy, and sometimes they may need some guidance. If you are or have a husband, father, brother, or son who is not as vigilant about his health as he needs to be, now is the time to help get on track. Southern Hills Hospital & Medical Center recommends the following preventative measures for optimal health:

    Regular Blood Pressure Checks
    Though high blood pressure presents no discernable symptoms, it can severely impact a man’s cardiovascular health. That is why healthcare providers urge all adult men to undergo regular blood pressure screenings , which may take place during a routine examination. By diagnosing high blood pressure before it produces irrevocable damage to the circulatory system, a physician can administer appropriate treatment that prevents the possibility of serious complications such as heart attack or stroke.

    Monitors Weight
    If you or your loved one is overweight or obese, there is a heightened risk for several potentially life-threatening diseases. Studies have found that excessive weight can contribute to cancer, stroke, heart attack, and type 2 diabetes. Recognizing a weight problem is as easy as calculating one’s body mass index, or BMI. If you or the man in your life has a BMI that indicates obesity, discuss how to bring it down with diet, exercise, and even surgical weight loss.

    Undergo a Colonoscopy
    With early detection, colon cancer is highly treatable. To identify this disease at an early stage, it’s necessary to undergo a colonoscopy. A colonoscopy can identify the presence of potentially pre-cancerous polyps. If you or your loved one are 50 years old or older, encourage a colonoscopy as soon as possible.

    Did you know that June is Men’s Health Month? Southern Hills Hospital & Medical Center provides exceptional preventative services for the wellbeing of our male patients. To schedule an appointment at our Las Vegas facility for a blood pressure screening or colonoscopy, call (702) 880-2100.

  • Fascinating Pregnancy Facts [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Pregnancy is a time of dramatic change for expectant mothers. As your body prepares to bring another life into the world, you will experience many physical changes that you may not have expected, such as greatly increased circulation and an enhanced sense of smell. Most of these changes are normal, as your Las Vegas maternity hospital doctors and nurses can tell you. This infographic can help you understand some of the changes you’ll experience along with the development of your baby. You’ll also learn what to look for when choosing a maternity hospital, including private rooms for during and after delivery. Please share with other parents-to-be!


  • Lunch & Learn with Dr. Lee Wittenberg: Diabetes and the Lower Extremity

    Thursday, June 13
    11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
    Southern Hills Hospital Education Room/First Floor
    Lunch provided by Atria Sunlake
    Call 702.880.2700 to register at least 48 hours in advance of the date.


    Dr. Lee Wittenberg, a 3-year surgically trained podiatrist, is the newest addition to the Las Vegas podiatry community. He is board qualified in foot surgery and in reconstructive rearfoot and ankle surgery. He is trained in all elements of foot and ankle care, and has vast experience in:

    •          Diabetic wound care and limb salvage
    •          Conservative podiatric care
    •          Foot surgery
    •          Reconstructive rearfoot and ankle surgery.

    Please join Dr. Lee Wittenberg with Apache Foot and Ankle Specialists to learn about diabetic wound care and treatment options.