NICU at Southern Hills Hospital

Restfully sleeping baby boy in hospital

After months of excited anticipation, your baby has arrived. While a joyous occasion, certain circumstances may demand that your newborn receives specialized care. Southern Hills Hospital & Medical Center makes it a priority to provide the highest level of care possible for our littlest and most delicate patients. Our maternity hospital houses a level II newborn intensive care unit for Las Vegas area families. The following information can help new parents better understand how our NICU can help their babies.

What is NICU?
Newborn intensive care unit , or NICU, is a department dedicated to the treatment of newborns with certain needs. Unlike a customary maternity ward, a NICU comes with special equipment and an expert staff that understands how to care for newborns with potentially life-threatening conditions.

Why are some newborns placed in NICU?
Having a baby before she is full-term is a common reason why your newborn might be put into a NICU. Newborns born full-term may demand special care as well. Babies with congenital issues frequently require placement in NICU. Conditions such as tachycardia, bradycardia, and ABO incompatibility may also lead to an NICU stay.

How can parents be involved with their newborn’s care?
Being told that your newborn requires intensive care can be an unsettling circumstance for parents. Southern Hills Hospital & Medical Center understands the anxiety and confusion that often develops in parents when their babies go into NICU. That’s why we encourage all parents to be an integral part of their newborn’s care. We urge parents to discuss all questions and concerns they may have with our physicians and nurses so they can understand the treatment provided to their children. We also offer flexible visitation hours and comfortable surroundings so parents can be with their newborns as much as possible.

Southern Hills Hospital & Medical Center wants you to feel confident about your newborn’s treatment at our NICU. If you have questions pertaining to any part of your baby’s care, call our Las Vegas maternity hospital at (702) 880-2100. Families may also take advantage of our Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral system to learn more about the condition for which their newborns are receiving care.

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