• How to Get Fit and Stay Well

    The investment you make in your health can ward off serious chronic diseases such as heart disease. This video explains the small and easy ways you can protect your heart.

    You cannot have a healthy heart without eating nutritious foods and engaging in physical activity. However, a healthy diet can also be a delicious one. For instance, sprinkle fresh berries onto salads to make wholesome and subtly sweet meals. If you avoid exercise because you think it too difficult, find more enjoyable ways to move your body. A dance party of one is a great form of exercise that can increase your heart rate and burn calories.

    Heart disease can affect men and women of any age. For more information on how you can prevent this common problem, call Southern Hills Hospital in Las Vegas at (702) 880-2100.

  • Understanding Newborn Health Complications: CMV

    Newborn baby

    CMV, or cytomegalovirus, is a medical condition that may never show signs in select individuals. For this reason, many people with CMV can live long and otherwise healthy lives. When a woman with CMV becomes pregnant, though, her infection can cause potentially life-threatening complications in her child. Women who know they have CMV should make that information aware to their maternity hospital doctors. Because of CMV’s dormant symptoms, though, some women may not know they carry the virus at all. Their physicians may only become aware of the problem when their children begin to show signs of it, including low birth weight, skin rashes, seizures, and jaundice. CMV can be transferred to babies through both the placenta and breast milk, so parents who notice symptoms after birth should immediately alert their doctors.

    Southern Hills Hospital provides extensive maternity care options for parents residing in the greater Las Vegas region. To learn more about our maternity department or childbirth classes, call (702) 880-2100. You can also go to our website for more information on all of our prenatal services.

  • What to Do When You Suspect a Bone Fracture

    X-ray from broken leg dog

    Though a serious condition, a bone break may not always be an immediately obvious one. Aside from blunt force trauma, breaks can occur from repetitive motion activities that deteriorate the bone or disease that weakens it. No matter the nature of the fracture, it’s important to seek immediate ER care for it.

    Should you suspect a break, take measures to alleviate pressure on it. So if you think you broke your fibula bone, avoid walking on the injured leg. To prevent further damage to the bone and the structures closest to it, immobilize the part of the body that contains the fracture. If swelling or discomfort is an issue, apply a cold compact to the area until you receive professional medical attention.

    The imaging services at Southern Hills Hospital can provide our physicians with the visual resources they need to accurately assess the nature of your injury. Whether you suffer a broken arm or fractured vertebra, we have the comprehensive treatment services you require for a speedy recovery. Call (702) 880-2100 to speak with one of our Las Vegas associates about our healthcare options.

  • How to Stay Healthy and Active While You Are Pregnant


    Many women consider pregnancy a much anticipated and enjoyable part of their lives. However, pregnancy can also create aches and pains, deplete energy reserves, and increase the risk of excessive weight gain. The good news is that physical activity such as the following exercises can offset these pregnancy-related problems. You can also contact Southern Hills Hospital for additional prenatal advice from our knowledgeable maternity hospital staff.

    Make Walking a Social Event

    Obstetricians may promote walking as a low-impact form of cardiovascular exercise that women in all stages of pregnancy can do. Yet some women may find daily walks to be monotonous. When you ask your friends and family to accompany you on your walks, you can inject some fun into your regular workout routine. Considering how busy your life might become after your baby arrives, planning your walks as social outings can provide you with some much needed bonding time with loved ones.

    Dive into Water Fitness

    As your pregnancy progresses, you might find it challenging to engage in high-impact activities that place pressure on your back, hips, and knees. Especially if you already suffer from painful joints, rigorous exercise can aggravate discomfort and cause injury. Swimming and water aerobics are ways to be active without risk of pain or bodily harm. The cushion of water around your joints can protect them from injury while you enjoy a thorough cardiovascular workout.

    Stretch Your Physical Limits

    Did you know that yoga is quickly becoming a popular form of exercise for pregnant women? When practiced under the supervision of an expert familiar with safe pregnancy positions, yoga can help to relieve the strain that additional weight might put on the body. Due to yoga’s positive effects on joint and muscle flexibility, some women also find it a valuable aid in facilitating a smooth and easy delivery.

    Are you expecting a summertime baby? Southern Hills Hospital is here to help you through every aspect of your pregnancy and delivery. Our Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral system is available to expectant mothers living in the greater Las Vegas region. To find out more about how to maintain your wellness during pregnancy, call (702) 880-2100. 

  • What Are the Challenges Presented with Aphasia Following a Stroke?

    Medical exam

    The effects of stroke can affect any number of abilities, including motor coordination and facial movement. In some cases, stroke can also impact the capacity to communicate with others or understand written language. Aphasia is a condition that encompasses the many ways in which stroke survivors may experience these communication challenges. For more information on how Southern Hills Hospital can help stroke survivors manage aphasia, contact our Las Vegas-based Stroke Center .

    Reading and Writing Obstacles

    Aphasia may present in some facets of speech and language while leaving other abilities intact. However, research indicates that aphasia may damage written language facilities more severely than other parts of communication. As a result, a person with aphasia may have trouble comprehending once understandable written words. He may also find it difficult to communicate by writing down his thoughts and needs, as aphasia can obstruct the brain’s ability to remember and order words into proper sentence form.

    Comprehension Impediments

    A stroke survivor may become especially aggravated if aphasia affects the ability to understand what others say. Deteriorated comprehension skills may limit complex interactions between stroke survivors and friends and family members. To facilitate communication, stroke care experts recommend that loved ones focus on using short and easily understandable questions that stroke survivors can respond to with a single word.

    Speech Difficulties

    The communication complications of aphasia may also extend to speech abilities. Stroke survivors may struggle to recall the words they want to use when communicating with others. They may also find it challenging to physically articulate their needs. For these reasons, friends and family members may need to devote more time to their verbal interactions. By giving loved ones enough time to communicate their needs, stroke survivor friends and family members can alleviate the anxiety and frustration that this condition can produce and facilitate the relearning of communication skills.

    Southern Hills Hospital can help you better understand how to communicate with someone who has special speech and comprehension needs. Call our Las Vegas hospital today at (702) 880-2100 to discuss your questions and concerns with one of our knowledgeable representatives.