Finding a Healthy Target Weight for Your New Year’s Resolution

Sporty girl with apple and scales

Losing weight is always a leading goal for New Year’s resolutions, but it may be an unsuccessful one if you do not have a clear plan in mind. In order to get healthy through weight loss, you should first know the healthiest weight for your body type.

Measuring your current BMI should be your first step in planning a weight loss goal. This way, you can see where you stand in terms of whether you are overweight or obese along with the range of healthy weights for your height. BMI is not the only factor to consider, since muscle does weigh more than fat, and different body shapes may have different ideal weights. Therefore, you might account for a gain of about 5-10 pounds of muscle along with the loss of fat. If you carry most of your excess weight in your belly, you may also have to lose more weight than someone who carries weight in the hips and thighs in order to be your healthiest.

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