Top Exercise Trends to Embrace in 2015

Team workout with kettlebells at fitness gym

If one of your goals for the New Year is to get in shape, you will want to have a specific plan for getting physically active so that you see results and stay on track as the year progresses. With the fitness trends forecasted for 2015, you might have more fun exercising and feel that the typical gym environment is much more approachable for anyone. Here’s a closer look at these trends that may help you break away from a routine of endless cardio with minimal results.

Strength Training for Everyone

More and more people are realizing the benefits of strength training , since building muscle strength is necessary for effective weight management and total fitness. In community gyms, you are more likely to see a wider range of people involved in weight training along with gym membership plans that appeal to everyone rather than exclusive marketing to fitness buffs.

Workplace Health Initiatives

When businesses invest in workplace health programs like free gym memberships or onsite exercise facilities, they save money on company benefits and have fewer employees calling in sick. Therefore, you might encourage your employer to begin a fitness program so that exercise can easily become a part of your routine in the New Year.

Circuit Training

Circuit training is a system designed to promote high-repetition workouts over a short period of about 30 minutes. With circuit training, you can get the full-body workout of higher-intensity routines without pushing your physical limits to extremes.

Group Personal Training

Even with a growing number of people involved in weight training exercises, you might still find yourself wanting personalized instruction to start a strengthening routine. Group personal training is a program that is growing in popularity, since it still includes one-on-one guidance, but the cost is shared among a group of friends.

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