• A Closer Look at Breast Cancer in Young Women

    Although it is true that most cases of breast cancer occur in women over 50, the disease can and does strike younger women. Because of the risk, it is never too early to learn about protecting your breast health and to talk to your doctor about monthly self-exams. At Southern Hills Hospital and Medical Center in Las Vegas, our breast care services team can also play an important role managing your breast cancer risk. Here is a look at this common disease and how it affects young women.

    What Are the Risk Factors for Breast Cancer in Young Women?

    Anyone can get breast cancer, but the women who develop it before age 45 often share several risk factors. They may have a close relative who was diagnosed with breast cancer at a young age or carry certain genes that are associated with breast cancer or have relatives who carry those genes. Women who had radiation therapy to the breast or chest at a young age or who had some other types of breast diseases are also at a higher risk. Dense breast tissue has been associated with breast cancer. Other things that add an increased risk are having a period before age 12, heavy alcohol use, and obesity.

    What Symptoms Should Young Women Look For?

    The symptoms of breast cancer in young women are the same as in older patients. They include changes in breast tissue, including lumps, and nipple discharge. Some women dismiss the signs of breast cancer because they think they are too young to get it, but any changes in your breasts should always be reported to your doctor.

    How Can I Reduce My Risk of Breast Cancer?

    Talk to your doctor about your risk factors and find out if you should start having mammograms at a younger age than other women because of your medical history. Be vigilant about self-checks, and work to maintain a healthy weight.

    Good breast health starts at Southern Hills Hospital and Medical Center. We provide a wide range of other services, including stroke care, orthopedic surgery , and geriatric psych treatment in Las Vegas. To learn more, please call (702) 880-2700.

  • Get Ready for the 2015 Balloon Festival at Southern Hills Hospital

    At Southern Hills Hospital and Medical Center, we’re committed to improving the health of our Las Vegas community. One of the ways we accomplish that goal is through our High School to Healthcare program, which invests in our local young people and the next generation of healthcare professionals. The annual Balloon Festival is our family-friendly fundraising event for this important program. Mark your calendars for October 23-25, and get ready to take part in this year’s fun. Here’s what you need to know.

    What Is the Balloon Festival?

    The Balloon Festival is an annual event held on the campus of Southern Hills Hospital and Medical Center. In addition to hot air balloons, the festival hosts amusement rides, carnival games, food trucks, local vendors, and a kids’ space with arts and crafts, face painting, and more.. The full schedule for each day can be found on the Southern Hills Hospital and Medical Center website. On October 24, the hospital will hold a health fair from noon until 4 p.m., offering flu shots, blood pressure checks, and much more.

    Who Does the Festival Benefit?

    The Balloon Festival raises funds for the High School to Healthcare program, which offers scholarship to young people in our community who want to pursue careers in the medical field. Vendor and sponsor support allowed us to raise $28,000 at the 2014 Balloon Festival. You can contribute by visiting the Public Education Foundation website and choosing to direct your gift to High School to Healthcare.

    How Can I Get Involved?

    Come out to the festival and join in the fun! Admission is free and tickets for games and rides are available for purchase on site. Hot air balloon rides are available each morning for an additional price. Reservations are not required but are highly recommended and can be made through VegasBalloonRides.com . Volunteer, vendor, and sponsorship opportunities are also available.

    Come out and support Southern Hills Hospital and Medical Center on October 23-25. When your family needs healthcare from emergency care to stroke, orthopedic, and maternity care, choose our nationally ranked facility. For more information about our hospital services , please call (702) 880-2700.

  • Getting the Facts About Mammograms for Breast Cancer Screening

    Mammograms are one of the most powerful tools women have in the fight against breast cancer. In addition to diagnosing breast cancer in its early stages, when treatment is most effective, mammograms can also prevent breast cancer by allowing diagnosis of pre-cancerous growths so they can be addressed before they progress. At Southern Hills Hospital and Medical Center in Las Vegas, mammograms are part of the comprehensive breast care services we provide. Here are the facts you need to know about mammograms and why they are so important to women’s health.

    There Are Two Types of Mammograms

    If you are referred for a mammogram, it will be either a screening mammogram or a diagnostic mammogram. Screening mammograms are performed on a set schedule to look for signs of breast cancer even when you do not have any symptoms. A diagnostic mammogram is used to gather more information about an abnormal clinical finding, such as a lump. Diagnostic mammograms often focus on one particular part of the breast in detail. Both types may use traditional X-rays, digital images, computer-aided detection, or 3-D imaging (breast tomosynthesis).

    Mammograms Are Fast and Easy

    Women often postpone mammograms because they are concerned about the process. In reality mammograms are very fast procedures. The screening itself only takes a few minutes. Although there may be some discomfort when your breasts are compressed, it is over in seconds. You can reduce the chances that you will have discomfort by scheduling your mammogram when your breasts are not tender.

    Your Mammogram Needs May Be Unique

    The general guidelines for breast cancer screening recommend annual mammograms starting at age 40, but your own needs may be different. Your doctor can tell you if you need to start having mammograms earlier or more often or if you need to have a breast MRI along with your mammogram.

    If it is time for your mammogram, consider the Breast Care Services team at Southern Hills Hospital and Medical Center. For a referral to one of our physicians or more information about the range of services at our Las Vegas hospital , please call (702) 880-2700. Be sure to ask about our maternity care, stroke care, and orthopedic surgery services.

  • Raising Awareness for Leukemia & Lymphoma with Southern Hills Hospital and Light the Night

    At Southern Hills Hospital and Medical Center , our commitment to your wellness doesn’t end at our doors. We are also actively engaged in local and national efforts to make better health a reality for everyone. The Light the Night Walk is one way we honor that commitment to our Las Vegas community. Join us in raising funds and awareness about blood cancers. Here is what you need to know.

    What Is Light the Night?

    Light the Night is nationwide fundraising campaign befitting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. It consists of evening walks in almost 200 communities with participants carrying lanterns. The walks are held in honor of survivors, as inspiration to those currently fighting, and in memory of those who have lost their battles. The proceeds generated from the walk are used by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society for a range of initiatives.

    Why Are Blood Cancers an Important Cause?

    Blood cancers include leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma, and myelodysplastic syndromes. A new person is diagnosed with a blood cancer in the U.S. every three minutes, and someone dies of one of these diseases every 10 minutes. That means that blood cancers take the lives of 152 people each day. Children are heavily affected by leukemia in particular, which is the leading cause of cancer death in people under 20.

    How Can I Get Involved?

    Joining the Light the Night Walk is easy. Visit the Southern Hills Hospital and Medical Center page to join our team, or start a team of your own. Each team member then raises money individually for the cause. All proceeds generated from the walk will go to research into new treatments, the search for a cure, patient support services, and community education efforts.

    Southern Hills Hospital and Medical Center in Las Vegas provides care to patients fighting cancer at all stages of the disease. In addition to oncology care , we offer comprehensive medical services, including orthopedic surgery, stroke care, and geriatric psych help in our RISE behavioral health program. To request a referral to one of our physicians or find out more, call (702) 880-2700.