Do Stroke Symptoms Differ for Women?

It is known that women experience heart attacks differently than men, but does the same hold true for strokes ? Because getting emergency care quickly is essential for minimizing the loss of brain tissue during a stroke, recognizing the signs is essential. For women, the symptoms of a stroke are generally the same as they are for men, but getting women to recognize them and take action to get emergency care is the challenge. If you experience these symptoms of a stroke, this is the time to put yourself first and get the life-saving care you need.

Drooping on One Side of the Face
During a stroke, the part of the brain that controls muscles in the face may be affected. If this occurs, one side of the face may feel numb, and it may begin to droop. Although the drooping may be obvious simply by looking at someone, an easy way to tell for sure is to ask the person who could be having a stroke to smile. If the smile droops downward on one side, then he or she could be having a stroke.

Weakness on One Side of the Body
A stroke could also cause numbness and weakness on one side of the body. You may notice that someone who is experiencing a stroke looks like he or she is slumping to one side. You can also easily test this symptom by asking someone who could be having a stroke to raise their arms. If one arm drops downward while the other one is still raised, it could indicate a stroke.

Slurred Speech
Slurred speech is a classic stroke symptom. In addition to slurring words, some people may say things that are unintelligible, be unable to follow a conversation, or suddenly begin saying things that don’t make sense. This symptom is highly suggestive of a stroke and should be evaluated in the ER.

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