Should you go to the ER for a migraine?

Headaches are among the most common reason people seek emergency care, and migraines are to blame for many of those ER visits . How do you know if you should go to the emergency room when you experience a migraine? Here are some of the signs that you should consider getting emergency care for a migraine.

You are having the worst headache you’ve ever experienced.

Whether you are accustomed to having migraines but are having a headache that is more intense than normal or you’ve never had a migraine before, a sudden and severe headache should be evaluated in the ER to determine the cause.

For some people, this kind of headache could be the first time they have a migraine, and so the symptoms are a new experience. However, in some cases, a crippling headache can be the sign of another condition, such as a stroke or brain aneurysm, that could be life-threatening in the absence of immediate treatment.

You’ve tried home remedies that haven’t worked.

Most people who get migraines have a home care strategy they use when a headache begins. This plan could include the use of medications to treat the pain and nausea as well as getting away from bright lights and loud noises and applying a cool cloth to the forehead.

If you’ve tried these remedies, but you are not getting relief, it could be time to get emergency care. This is especially true if the migraine lasts over multiple days.

You’re experiencing signs of dehydration

Not only can dehydration contribute to migraines, but when you have a migraine, you can become even more dehydrated, particularly if you vomit. It can also be difficult to drink fluids when your migraine is severe. If you believe you could be dehydrated, you may need IV fluids.

Whenever you’re experiencing symptoms that concern you, don’t take the chance of delaying emergency care. Southern Hills Hospital and Medical Center’s ER is open 24 hours a day to provide the emergency care in Las Vegas when you need it most. For more information about our hospital and all of our services, please call (702) 916-5023.

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