Are the symptoms for stroke always the same?

Most people have heard the anagram FAST to describe stroke symptoms . FAST reminds people that facial drooping, arm drooping, and slurred speech means it’s time to call 911, because those are the most common symptoms of a stroke. Much like heart attacks, however, not everyone who has a stroke experiences the same kinds of symptoms. If you suspect that your symptoms could indicate a stroke, don’t delay emergency care, even if you aren’t experiencing the traditional signs.

Non-traditional stroke symptoms
As the video explains, there are many symptoms that people don’t immediately associate with strokes that may actually indicate that one is occurring. Some of these signs include:

  • Headache

  • Feeling disoriented

  • Loss of consciousness

  • Feeling confused

Even though these symptoms can indicate many different medical conditions, when they occur, getting emergency care is important. Getting an accurate diagnosis and the appropriate treatment can help to prevent future complications.

Silent strokes
Some people who don’t have the typical symptoms of a stroke may have silent strokes. During a silent stroke, the person who is having a stroke doesn’t realize that it is happening. Even though silent strokes don’t cause symptoms, they still cause permanent brain damage.

Most people who have had silent strokes find out when they seek care for another problem. For instance, after a silent stroke, a person may experience memory loss or chronic headaches. A physician may recommend a brain scan to determine the cause and discover the evidence of the stroke during the scan.

Emergency stroke care
Getting emergency care for a stroke is the only way to reduce the risk of permanent damage and disability. Brain tissue is being destroyed every second during a stroke until treatment begins.

Because emergency stroke care is so important, don’t delay seeking treatment if you experience even mild symptoms that could potentially be a stroke.

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