• Make swimming safe for the whole family

    Swimming and water sports are popular ways to beat the heat during the hot Las Vegas summers. If your family has a pool or you’re thinking of using a community pool, there are a few safety precautions you need to know about. Near drownings are, unfortunately, entirely too common. Many of the drowning accidents that claim the lives of children happen in backyard pools. When life-threatening events occur, families can trust the emergency care team at Southern Hills Hospital.

    Supervise children near water

    Parents of young children already know that accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. The most effective way to protect your kids around bodies of water is to ensure that they are supervised every second by a responsible adult. If your child is having a pool party with friends, there should be at least a couple of adults keeping an eye on the kids.

    Learn CPR

    CPR saves lives, but many people don’t know how to perform it. Consider checking your local hospital or community center for CPR classes. New parents can often find infant and pediatric CPR classes in maternity hospitals.

    If you do need to perform CPR because of a drowning accident, continue to do rescue breaths and chest compressions until breathing resumes or emergency responders arrive.

    Enroll children in swimming lessons

    Formal swimming lessons aren’t a foolproof way to prevent drowning. Children still need to be supervised around bodies of water. However, formal swimming lessons can certainly help reduce the risk of an accident.

    Consider talking to your children’s pediatrician about how old they should be when they start swimming lessons.

    Teach children about poolside safety

    Children need frequent reminders to follow poolside rules . Give your kids a refresher course before opening your pool at the start of the season. Here are some basic pool rules:

    • Only go near the water with an adult present.
    • No running or roughhousing near the pool.
    • No playing near drains or suction outlets.

    The emergency care team at Southern Hills Hospital is available 24/7, although we truly hope your family will never need to see us. Our community hospital is committed to healthcare excellence across all of our departments, which include maternity, stroke care and orthopedics. Call a registered nurse in Las Vegas at (702) 916-5000.